1) bot a branch or shoot of a tree or shrub that has been cut or broken off
2) a relatively long and slender piece of wood
3) a long piece of wood for use as fuel, in carpentry, etc
4) a rod or wand
5) a baton
6) brit. Chiefly Brit. a walking stick or cane
7) a club or cudgel
8) something that serves to goad or coerce
9) a long, slender piece or part of anything:
a stick of celery[/ex]
10) spo an implement used to drive or propel a ball or puck, as a crosse or a hockey stick
11) aer. a lever by which the longitudinal and lateral motions of an airplane are controlled
12) naut. navig. a mast or spar
13) pri
composing stick
14) inf the sticks, Informal. any region distant from cities or towns, as rural districts; the country
15) mil a group of bombs so arranged as to be released in a row across a target
16) sts Slang. a marijuana cigarette
17) to furnish (a plant, vine, etc.) with a stick or sticks in order to prop or support
18) pri to set (type) in a composing stick
Etymology: bef. 1000; ME stikke, OE sticca; akin to OHG stehho, ON stika stick; akin to stick II II
[[t]stɪk[/t]] v. stuck, stick•ing, n.
1) to pierce or puncture with something pointed; stab
2) to kill by stabbing
3) to thrust (something pointed) in, into, through, etc
4) to fasten in position by thrusting a point or end into something:
to stick a peg in a pegboard[/ex]
5) to fasten in position by or as if by something thrust through:
to stick a painting on the wall[/ex]
6) to put on or hold with something pointed; impale:
to stick a marshmallow on a fork[/ex]
7) to decorate or furnish with things piercing the surface:
to stick a cushion full of pins[/ex]
8) to furnish or adorn with things attached or set here and there
9) to place upon a stick or pin for exhibit
10) to thrust or poke into a place or position indicated:
to stick one's head out of the window[/ex]
11) to place or set in a specified position; put:
Stick the chair in the corner[/ex]
12) to fasten or attach by causing to adhere:
to stick a stamp on a letter[/ex]
13) to bring to a standstill; render unable to proceed or go back (usu. used in the passive):
The car was stuck in the mud[/ex]
14) to confuse or puzzle; bewilder
15) Informal. to impose something disagreeable upon, as a large bill or a difficult task
16) to have the point piercing or embedded in something:
The arrow stuck in the tree[/ex]
17) to remain attached by adhesion
18) to hold, cleave, or cling
19) to remain persistently or permanently:
a fact that sticks in the mind[/ex]
20) to remain firm, as in resolution, opinion, etc
21) to keep or remain steadily or unremittingly, as to a task
22) to be rendered immovable by some obstruction:
The zipper stuck[/ex]
23) to be at a standstill, as from difficulties
24) to be embarrassed or puzzled; hesitate or scruple (usu. fol. by at)
25) to be thrust or placed so as to extend, project, or protrude (usu. fol. by through, out, etc.)
26) phv stick around, Informal. to wait in the vicinity; linger
27) phv stick by or to, to remain faithful to, esp. during difficulties
28) phv stick up, Informal. to rob, esp. at gunpoint
29) phv stick up for, to speak in favor of; come to the defense of; support
30) a thrust with a pointed instrument; stab
31) a stoppage or standstill
32) something causing delay or difficulty
33) the quality of adhering or of causing things to adhere
34) something causing adhesion
Etymology: bef. 900; ME stiken, OE stician to pierce, thrust, c. OHG stehhan; cf. stick I stick′a•ble, adj. stick`a•bil′i•ty, n. syn: stick, adhere, cohere mean to be fastened or attached to something. stick is the general term; it means to be fastened with glue, pins, nails, etc.: A gummed label will stick to a package. Used figuratively, stick means to hold faithfully or keep steadily to something: to stick to a promise. adhere is a more formal term meaning to cling or to stay firmly attached: Wallpaper will not adhere to a rough surface. Used figuratively, adhere means to be attached as a follower: to adhere to religious beliefs. cohere means to hold fast to something similar to itself: The particles of sealing wax cohered into a ball. Used figuratively, cohere means to be logically connected or attached: The pieces of evidence did not cohere.

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